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          Solar Panel

          575W mono PV Modules 182mm Cell Size 144 Cells solar panel

          High power mono HPBC module, based on M10 wafer, best choice for ultra-large power plants.

          • Item NO.:

          • Lead Time:

            1-2 weeks
          • Product Orgin:

          • Shipping Port:

            SHANGHAI , CHINA
          • Payment:

            T/T , L/C
          • Product Detail

          575W mono PV Modules 182mm Cell Size 144 Cells solar panel

          The 575W pv module has higher power and more reliability, using HPBC cell technology, suitable for ultra-large power plants.

          550W bifacial Solar panel

          Product Characteristics:

          Mechanical Characteristics

          Cell arrangement

          144 (6x24)


          2278 x 1134 x 35 mm




          Single glass, 3.2mm coated tempered glass


          Anodized aluminium alloy


          IP68, 3 diodes

          Output Cable

          4mm2 ,+400,-200mm/±1400mm (Length can be customized)

          Packaging 31 pcs per pallet/ 155pcs per 20'GP/ 620pcs per 40'HC

          Electrical Characteristics:

          Module Type SKE575S9-144
          Testing Condition STC NOCT

          Maximum Power(Pmax/W)


          Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V)

          52.06 48.88

          Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)

          14.14 11.42

          Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V)

          43.91 40.07

          Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A)

          13.10 10.72

          Module Efficiency(%)


          Under Standard Test Conditions (STC) of irradiance of 1000 W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature of 25°C.

          Under Nominal Module Operating Temperature (NMOT), irradiance of 800 W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5, ambient temperature 20°C, wind speed 1 m/s.

          Operating Parameters:

          Operational Temperature


          Power Output Tolerance


          Voc and Isc Tolerance


          Maximum System Voltage


          Maximum Series Fuse Rating


          Nominal Operating Cell Temperature


          Protection Class

          Class Il

          Fire Rating

          UL type 1 or 2

          IEC Class C

          Mechanical Loading:

          Front Side Maximum Static Loading


          Rear Side Maximum Static Loading


          Hailstone Test

          25mm Hailstone at the speed of 23m/s

          Temperature Ratings(STC):

          Temperature Coefficient of Isc


          Temperature Coefficient of Voc


          Temperature Coefficient of Pmax


          Product Features:

          • Based on M10 wafer, best choice for ultra-large power plants
          • Excellent outdoor power generation performance

          • High module quality ensures long-term reliability

          Packing & Delivery:


          Company Profile:

          SUNKEAN is a fast-growing solar company ,as well as a turnkey solution provider in China. Products cover Mono perc solar panel,house solar power system, PV connectors, 100 watt solar panel, photovoltaic inverter etc solar products .

          SUNKEAN is committed to providing the best solutions for users, installers, investors and all stakeholders. We always take the responsibility on customer’s demands. We make our effort for innovations and breakthroughs.

          If you are an end users , we can offer more detail information to you.Please, if you have any questions or concerns about shipping time and delivery, you can ask our professional products consultant.

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          If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.