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          SUNKEAN Achieves TUV Certification for Aluminum PV Wire: Ensuring Excellence in Solar Solutions May 18,2023

          We are thrilled to announce that SUNKEAN's aluminum PV wire has recently achieved a significant milestone by obtaining TüV certification: 2 PfG 2642. This certification further validates the high quality and reliability of our product, providing our customers with an enhanced solar solution.

          As a leading global certification body, TüV is renowned for its rigorous testing and evaluation procedures. Obtaining TüV certification signifies that our aluminum PV wire meets the industry's highest standards in terms of quality and performance. This certification is crucial in meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers, offering them a reliable and efficient photovoltaic system solution.

          In addition to TüV certification, our aluminum PV wire has also received UL certification, another globally recognized authority. This dual recognition further underscores the reliability and safety of our product, instilling greater confidence in our customers.

          At SUNKEAN, we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality Copper / Aluminum PV wire to meet the growing demands of the solar industry. Our products are crafted using advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials, subject to rigorous quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Whether for residential or commercial photovoltaic systems, our PV wire delivers excellent electrical conductivity and weather resistance.

          The solar industry is rapidly advancing, driven by the desire to protect the environment and achieve sustainable development goals. SUNKEAN continues to lead the way, offering high-quality PV wire products to customers worldwide.

          Contact us today to learn more about our aluminum PV wire products and services! wendy@ske-tech.com

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