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          SUNKEAN 2023 Yearly Team Building Mar 29,2023
          Last week, our company SUNKEAN organized the company travel to Chongqing City, China. It was an incredible experience to explore the culture and unique features of the city.

          During our stay, we had the opportunity to taste the local cuisine authentic hot pot and visit some of the city's most famous tourist attractions. We visited the Ciqikou Ancient Town, the Jiefangbei shopping district, and the Three Gorges Museum, among other places.

          One of the most memorable moments of the trip was visiting Hongyadong, it is located by the riverside of Jialing River and has 2300 years history. It used to be one of the top eight ancient sceneries, the special feature is that is is built on hillside and on riverside, with one side of the house resting on rocks while the other three sides supported by wooden or bamboo poles.

          Overall, our trip to Chongqing was a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with our colleagues, enhance team cohesiveness and learn more about the culture and people of Chongqing.

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